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Its not a recently used sketch list. It is a folder listing of the sketch directory.
That is my wording mistake.

Cheers for testing, I have run into this a fair bit, but only recently did a camel use a short straw to do some crack, so I had to post a...post to see if I was the only one.


I get multiple instances of IDE also. Beyond that, I have to check the board selection, programmer, port and ISP in each instance of the open sketch. I use a lot of ATTinys, mostly X4 and X5, plus the ArduinoISP. To load the ArduinoISP, I need to reset the board to Uno, load the ISP sketch, then select an ATTiny sketch, which pops up in a new window. Then change the board to ATTiny85 and load the sketch. Even though I selected Uno on the first sketch, the board change on the second sketch affects the first. If I go back to the first sketch, I have to change the board back to Uno.

I'd like to see the board selection. programmer and port tied to the sketch, rather than a global set of variables.


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