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Is there anyone from Hyderabad city in INDIA?


Hey Hi I am from India.
U need any help, but I am a new in arduino too!
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I'm intrested to be a part of Arduino community hyderabad. Is there any arduino local community in hyderabad, if not how to start a community, i mean are they any policies that need to accept to start a local community, i work with free software community hyderabad and have a huge support from them. We have a team intrested to share and contribute to arduino.



Hi everyone,am Nizam,interested in joining the community .Wanna explore the things,going to do my MS in US for the coming fall.Being a Novice to the field of programming and ofcourse arduino.looking forward for informative interaction.


hi there,

this is rahul bhatija from MP, india

i would to join this community :)

i am trying to program ESP8266 01 module with arduino uno :)

you any one have done this before  :) pls let me know :)

thanks in advance :)

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