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...i know there are robotics clubs here.  but any Arduino workshops or clubs?



Not sure. I'm in central Minnesota. We had a tech day once at our school and someone was using an arduino on his visual art work, which is when I was introduced arduino. Last semester I convinced a group of EE students to base their senior design on arduino. They did well. I will attempt to use arduino in an electronics class next year but that's pretty much it. If someone starts a club I will join. Workshops are nice too. I can present something but I don't know where to find people to attend.



I live in central MN too. I will be more than happy help to get one started. Just let me know how I can help.



Seems like we could start a small arduino club to share some experience and fun. Maybe when more local people hear about arduino, we can organize a workshop. Anyone else out there that want to join this club? Please reply. Thanks.



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