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How can i call a subrutine,a section of my program is repeatted a lot of time?

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//the loop() function is called by arduino. when it ends it is called again, and again and again...
int i=0;
void loop()
 //call a subroutine
 //and another one

 //or you can make your own looping. we loop 10 times
 int n=0;


void DoSomething()
 //do some stuff here

void DoSomethingElse()
 //do some stuff here

//the code above should add 1 to i and then subtract 1 from i continuously
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Do you have any programming experience and if so, in what language(s)? This is so basic that it'd help to know at what level to answer...


If I recall correctly from many years ago, I think BASIC used the term "subroutine". Beginner questions are okay, we were all beginners once.

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