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I just purchased 3 Arduino mini w/328 from mouser. I tried loading blink on to all three, all of them retruned the "yikes invalid device signature arduino mini avrdude" error. I just downloaded the AVR environment and I don't have any other instances of AVRdude on my computer. I am using windows 7. My board and serial port settings are correct. What can be the issue?

- Do I need to set a specific path for the arduino folder that I just downloaded? Currently its just on my desktop.
- What programmer should I choose under tools, if I'm using the mini USB adapter? I tried a bunch of them, none seemed to work.
- Would I need to get an ISP, and reload the bootloader?

Thank you for any advice in advance!

James C4S

The programmer only applies to burning the bootloader, not loading sketches.

Are you pressing reset before uploading the sketches?  As I recall, the Mini doesn't have a capacitor to enable auto-reset.
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Yes, I have been resetting the board manually which seems to work, without the reset it gives a sync error.

Thank you.


Just to clarify - when I mentioned the reset "seems to work" I meant without it it causes a sync error, when I do press the reset the tx/rx pins flicker, and after the bootload I get the "yikes invalid" msg. I tried this on three different mini modules.

James C4S

The only other step I can think of is to burn the bootloader again. 
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Thank you, I ordered the AVRISP MKII...I will try that when I receive it.


In Arduino 1.0, try changing:




in the boards.txt file.  Does that fix the problem?


Yes! I have same problem and your solution fix the problem! Thank you very match!


I also ran into this same problem when porting my own Arduino-derived project (Sanguino-based) from 0022 to 1.0 (same board = works in 0022, "Invalid device signature 0x000000" in 1.0), and the solution above seems to work for me.

@mellis, if you still happen to be watching this thread :-) - do you have any additional information as to why this works, what changed or what the underlying problem was/is? I'm hesitant to start distributing what seems like a "voodoo fix" with the project without any understanding of the underlying problem, or whether these ("stk500"/"arduino") definitions will flip again in 1.0001, etc. (@Coding Badly has a possible explanation in the thread linked above, but it's just a guess so far.)


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