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I designed my PCB in eagle instead of Express PCB, but not sure how to generate Gerber files, so anyone can help? I need to order the board ASAP.
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What company are you planning on sending the gerber files to? That company will normally provide a CAM file that you need to use.



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Old topic now, but in Eagle you select File:CAM processor to create Gerber files.
You can download a Design Rule Checker and CAM file from iteadstudio to make sure the design is electrical connection-wise error free and can be manufactured.
Open the Download tab here:
Put the files in the appropriate eagle folders.
Run the ERC check on your schematic, and the DRU check on your board. Fix things as needed.
For Gerbers, from the board view:
File:Cam Processor
New window opens.  Select File:Open Job, browse to the itead CAM file, select it.
Then Process job.
13 files are created, zip them up and upload to itead website after getting the order confirmation e-mail.
(hopefully I didn't skip any steps there).
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in any case you can customize (in Eagle) the cam job to fit your needs (and the demands of the pcb manufacturer).
Usually each layer goes to a seperate gerber file. And the drills should be in "excellon" format.


(hopefully I didn't skip any steps there).
Always a good idea to doublecheck the gerbers with a gerber viewer. Not that you should expect major screwups but there can be little annoyances in some of the CAM files will put the labels on the back or front unlike how you want or such. Just a good idea for the first few times.

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