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What we are looking for is a skilled electrician to setup and install a modified nurse-call system in our office. Looking at the breakdown, if you are confident you can take on the task, please contact us.

When a package delivery service is at our front door and needs entry. We need them to press a button on the front door panel (see fig. 1) that will turn on a blinking light to notify delivery that we are being notified and are coming to let them in.

The button pressed from the front door panel will cause two actions: Two door chimes (fig. 3) will ring for 30sec intervals until the cancel button is pressed (fig. 2). Secondly rotating lights will activate to signal some is at the door as well.

When one of our employees has answered the page, he/she will cancel the request by pressing the cancel button on the panel in figure 2.

Figure Breakdown

Fig. 1

Door chime/page button that once pressed, blinking light will blink for a 5min. duration. Send information to figure 2 and 3.

Fig. 2

Will mirror figure 1, but will have a cancel button to end the process, once everything is complete. Has blinking light similar to figure 1 blinking light.

Fig. 3

x2 Bell chimes fixed on column structure as well as x2 rotating light alarms that get triggered when fig. 1 button is pressed and stopped when fig. 2 button is pressed. Chime rings in 30sec durations until fig. 2 button is pressed.



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Would you like this wired or wireless?


Please excuse the drawing skills. But this is the what we are trying to achieve. We are open to wireless and wired solutions.

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