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I didn't say static acceleration. And do you think accelerometers measure acceleration?


And do you think accelerometers measure acceleration?

Well yes.

They don't measure velocity.
My understanding is they are a micro strain gauges, I've not done anything that can show much acceleration on the ground, yet.

Measuring velocity without an external reference makes no sense.

Einstein quote, to a train conductor,

"Does Cambridge stop at this train?"


Looks like you understand perfectly the "accelerometer" only measures a strain force, not acceleration, not even net force. When you are accelerating, the strain force plus gravity makes the "accelerometer" accelerate. If you only accelerate the device along a straight line, then you can deduce the acceleration from the vector or xyz components of the reading. If you are accelerating by flying in a horizontal circle, the device can't tell if you are flying in a circle or accelerating to the side. Then you need the gyro to tell if you are actually flying in a circle to deduce acceleration or angles or orientation. Unless you mount your "accelerometer" on a gimbal or gyroscope to decouple rotation of your reference frame, which you also understand, the "accelerometer" is not telling acceleration without the help of a gyro. So yes, you understand every piece. I'm just being redundant.

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