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I got caught sitting doing reflow soldering on an upturned clothes iron balanced on my lap.
The only thing my wife said was "Have you done a health and safety review of that process?"

[I now clamp the iron to the desk - it's actually a lot easier]


I get the " don't solder in the house, you'll burn it down" alot from my mom followed by " go do that outside" as I look at the rainy,snowy, usually shitty weather outside : /
But by far the hardest part is convincing her that its actually productive learning not " playing with lights" lol


BTW, some of you have a "work bench" or "hobby corner" ? Lucky me, I have a nice basement room and a strong wood table to do my "hobby" works...

PS: No wife yet... =(


I am not going to talk to you for the rest of the night and half of tomorrow

Yay, 18 hours of quiet time :)

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