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James Britt

I've been getting slack in my Arduino hacking, and would like to have a regular local gathering.

Anyone else here in or near Scottsdale, AZ interested in setting something up?  (Or know of something in Scottsdale?)

James Britt


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Kinda a "dead thread" and I haven't done anything recently; but you might want to check out this thread. I'm just not good at organizing and networking people...



Personally, I want something that is inclusive and centralized for the metro Phoenix area; right now, there's HeatSync Labs, a hackerspace in the Mesa/Tempe region - a little too far east to get to on their meetings for me...
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James Britt

Yeah, I saw that thread, which got me thinking about my own neck of the woods.

HeatSync is even more remote than Mesa/Tempe,  being in Chandler.

I've usually tried to organize groups that are reasonable central or accessible to most folks in the Valley, but it's  a very hard thing to do, and, as with HeatSync, people often just decide to serve their immediate vicinity for their own convenience..  (Which, unfortunately, becomes reinforcing overtime.)

I'm not unyielding on the finding or starting an Arduino hacker group that's not in Scottsdale, though it's my first preference.  If anyone has a good suggestion for a location that isn't way off in the boondocks I'd be interested.


Not in Scottsdale but Im in central PHX. ive been trying to find people locally for ever and am verry interested in setting up meets. Give me an email and we can talk..


James Britt

I just sent you a message with my E-mail address.

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