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I am near Conway, Arkansas.  Is there any groups or workshops in central Arkansas?

I just purchased Arduino Duemelove and some accessories and am looking into some practical applications I can use the Arduino to perform:
-run stepper motors for 3 axis router
-control power feed on lathe cross slide and compound slide, maybe even control the carriage feed
-provide limit/safety switch controls for machinery
-turn lights/fan on and off automatically when I walk into a room or leave the room.

It apears that there are counless things that can be done.

I am just starting out with it and looking for any local networking on the Arduino.



I'm from Conway & I've had a couple of Arduino Duemeloves and some RBBB's for a while now.
Unfortunately, I don't know of any groups around here or Little Rock. You could start a group. I'd be willing to join.

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