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Good timing, we are planning one for next Saturday, Jan. 19th 2008 at 11am.  We will be meeting at ITP/NYU @ 721 Broadway, 4th Floor.  Please RSVP to me: hans@eds.org so I can give a list of names to security.  This date/time/location is might have to change, so just double-check this thread to make sure it hasnt changed.


WOW! just missed it by a day..... btw, any age restricitions? and what is disscused at hacklab?


There was also lots of discussions related to xbee, specific standoffs for snapping on shields, the Diecimila noise problem, and other things I don't know about.  We got a couple cool demos of projects in process:

- lithium battery shield with charging from the USB (Chris Ladden/avrman)
- little touchscreen LCD shield with library (Chris Ladden/avrman)
- 320x240 screen with image/video control via serial with library (Jeff Hoefs)

We have a date for the next one, we are doing it at Eyebeam on Saturday, Feb 23rd, noon until 6pm as part of their Open Lab/Education Lab.  More details to follow.


The next hacklab is on for this Saturday!  I hope y'all can make it!

Eyebeam  http://www.eyebeam.org/
540 W. 21st Street, (between 10th and 11th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011
Tel. 212.937.6580

Saturday, Feb 23rd
noon til 6pm (come early so you can get some work done!)

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