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The Tacoma Robotics Society (http://www.tacomarobotics.org/) is having a Sumo-Robot competition on November 14. Here is the link to the event page: http://www.tacomarobotics.org/sumo.html
This event is a great chance to see arduino's in action.
Hope to see you there,
Peter Davenport  :)


Awesome! Hope to see what kind of stuff people bring to the table using the 'duinos

also, nice Linkbaiting, singmelya. I take it you sell R4s.


If anyone local(to us) has a Duino and wants to put something together I have a few more motor control chips and some odds and ends left I can donate. I can probably loan out an RBBB too if you don't have your own board. You'll have to stop by Goodwill and grab an RC car to hack. I'm pretty sure we'll have to open the meeting next month with some rematches before we can pick our next projects.

On a related topic my Sumobot kicks a$$!

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