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Is any one in salt lake city that would like to meet up and work out problems help each other.  I would be able to provide a space to meet in woodscross.


I'm down in dixie...  ;D if you make it down here then sure.   8-)


Funny you should post that last week. First time I've been to this forum looking for anyone in SLC who does arduino stuff. I'm near the U of U. Anything in particular you are working on?  I'm thinking about developing something for power management and temperature sensing for a remote timelapse project.



Tim that looks pretty neat. I have worked on the projects for the leds and s ch right now trying to get my cold box and grow house going. I learned that I do better with the hardware side than the software part of it.            


Checkout MakeSLC on Facebook. We do stuff every wednesday night in Salt Lake City, UT.


We just had several classes on arduinos. And more to come.

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