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Do you know of a shop in Toronto that can do custom plexiglass laser-cutting?

Not Toronto but there's a semi-commercial outfit in montreal that will do small pieces for $20 including shipping.


Any news on the meetings?


Are you guys sure we can't find a time and place to meet? I would love to exchange info with other Arduino users in my area...


I'd like to have a group meetup too. Can't believe it took me so long to find this thread.

I don't really have access to a school or even work anymore, but I'd help plan if needed.


Let's get this ball rolling.

Count me in. I am in kitchener/waterloo right now but will be in Mississauga in January


Is there anyone who has a place that would be available for a meetup?



I know that it's slightly off-topic, because the people in this thread are already Arduino users, but I'm going to be leading a programming and electronics course for total beginners at Hacklab.to, and I've posted information in this thread. If you know anybody who might be interested, please pass this on to them!


Has anything come of this yet?


Yeah, I am waiting for this too...

Unfortunately people are busy with other things. I am still available on Saturdays, not on Sundays. As I am not too familiar with Toronto, I don't know of a place where we can meet. In a previous post I have proposed to meet at Bug'n'Bots place, but that is no longer possible. They are also looking for a meeting place. So, I wonder who will come up first...


Hi all,
Yes, Mr, Chan at "Creatron" is a nice guy, and he is very helpful, he may not have all new or anything you might want but he has most parts you will need to do MCU projects, check it anyway.
by the way it was my first post. I am living in downtown Toronto, I would love to team up with Arduino's Fans.   ;D
good luck


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We might meet at the Site 3 workshop, Thursdays after 7. See this thread: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1280188192

They have a tentative Arduino course on Tuesdays at 7, starting next week, Nov. 2nd.


I went to Site3 yesterday and talked with some guys over there. Wow, they got a Laser CNC! So cool! Anyways, I talked with Jonathan and he said he's going to teach an Introduction to Arduino course for a group of 10 ppl. or so. At the end of the course, I'll talk about making robots with Arduino. If anyone else is interested, post here.




I would also like to do this. I'm in Mississauga but I have a truck so I don't mind a drive. I also have a welder(on the truck) if anyone is building a robot or anything.

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