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sorry if this is in the wrong place
hi can any one help me please i am trying to get a joystick shield to control 2 servos(pan tilt) wireless i have 2 xbee sheilds; 2 arduinos; 2 xbee modules;  1 joy stick shield;
can some one help with code (can you just make a code for me[smiley=cheesy.gif]) please i realy want to do this but i re aly dont know how to write code


Wrong forum for this. Unless you are planning a workshop around this topic. If that is the case, you should already know how.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


it is the wrong place ! post yout self in the software interfacing forum
NOTE:- no one will give you  a ready made code ! first try google learn something then if you have doubts as to why your code is not working then there are many to help you around

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