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Following suggestions we are having a project session, a bit like Howduino. Bring along your works in progress, share them with others and see if someone can help you solve that persistent problem you've been having.

We will have some soldering irons and basic tools. Let us know if there is anything else you think we need that you can't bring?

We will be in the Lifelab Junior Lab (same entrance as usual, it's just upstairs from our usual room), I'll get the usual beer etc supply lined up as well.

Bring your Arduino projects (finished or unfinished) or any physical or digital works in progress along for some group therapy.

Newcastle Centre of Life 18.30 - 22.00 on Thursday 25th November.

Full Details here:


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bump. a quick reminder about this Thursday's Arduino project session.

Myself, I'm planning on converting an a old Big Trak to use a Duemilanove   :)


Tony, theres a shop near me selling the Big Trak again for £35 ;) Brings back memories :D

Sorry for the off-topic.


theres a shop near me selling the Big Trak again for £35  ;) Brings back memories  :D

I've seen them in Maplins for £29, but I picked mine up from a carboot sale a couple of years ago. I fancy getting a Bigtak Jr to hack but they're priced at £29 as well, I might wait a while and pick one up cheap in the New Year sales  ;)

but they sure do bring back some good memories  :)

http://www.robotroom.com/BigTrak.html is a nice site for Big Trak fans


I only ever got to have the motors and gearbox from one, they are magnetically clutched to help it go in a straight line when both motors are running, which can also be a bit of a pain when trying to run them separately. Still makes for a convenient robot chassis that's easy to get hold of.


Due to todays adverse weather conditions the organisers of tonights dorkbot have decided to cancel tonights session. Details can be found here:  


Hopefully it will be rescheduled for another date soon.


Hopefully it will be rescheduled for another date soon

Let me know when!
My website: http://www.harryrabbit.co.uk/electronics/home.html Up and running now! (Feel free to look round!) :D

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