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Coding Badly

Congratulations to the latest member of the 10K club (and only Shannon)...

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Well done Mr. Lefty,  8)


In this club we all know what we are, we just disagree on the price once in awhile.  ;)


Congrat retrolefty for the past 10K mark in posting...


(and only Shannon)...

{{Cough}} Ahem!

"Pete, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart." Ulysses Everett McGill.
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Coding Badly

{{Cough}} Ahem!

Hey, it's not my fault the forum software doesn't think you're Shannon material.   :D


Congrats! Treat yourself with tea and cookies and get right back with more posts!  ;)

I'm close to 4K now. One post at a time.
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I am getting close to 1 K.

Jack Christensen

Congrats, Lefty!

(For a minute I thought we had a runner here. Only a 5K guy myself.)


Thanks all. I do really enjoy my time on this forum, it adds an additional dimension to my retirement as it allows one to both learn and share at the same time. The caliber of knowledge, character, and helpfulness of the many members of this forum is pretty rare in my opinion. There is seldom the need for heavy handed moderation as behavior seems to be dictated by example rather then rules.

I note that I've lost my exclusivity of the Shannon title to AWOL. I suspect moderator abuse and I will be filing a formal complaint once my attorney recovers from her sex change operation.


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