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Do you live in Hartford Ct
I do,
if so   we should meet and talk about arduino.
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hartford, New heaven, wethersfield, etc. etc.


Hi balam,

I am in Farmington, CT...
I know a couple other guys in the area, we should get something going.



Might as well toss my hat into the ring, I'm here in Canton, just started tinkering with the Duemilinove and the Mega-2560 in the past few months.  Slowly trying to ressurect a robot I began 2 years ago on the VEX platform. (replacing the MCU with the Duemilinove to get things moving, then if expansion is needed (more I/O) the Mega-2560 is sitting & waiting.

Stephen (gelfling6)


Im in NYC (BK) but i dont mind a 2 hour drive to Hartford for an arduino get together workshop or w.e count me in


I want tomake a arduino group in Hartford
will you guys willing to come to hartford and Meet
please visit my website and send me a email from contact


looking forward

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