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anyone please help me i work out this circuit with arduino last two day nothing is getting work
please feed some ideas
i use the pic16f628a mc
and ardunio uno r3
by using breadboard nothing i ill get
if i use to program by using programmer.exe if its read but nothing is stored pls helpme


Try to use Arduinopic program without success..
when I write my .hex to pic it pass ok and Arduinopic shows "Finished"
but when I try to read data from pic I get ONLY 49 data words with complete different data.
Anyone had this problem?
What It could be?
Hello! I have the same problem with reading of PIC16F833 using this ArduinoPic programmer (only 49 lines readed). But when I am trying to write some .hex it starts and show "please wait" and nothing else. It is about 10 minutes of programming. Is it normal? How long time is needed? I have aborted the process and try again.

Does someone have the source code of C# application?


Do you know if this will this work for a PIC16F819-I/F?


Any idea if this would work with the PIC18F2321? I came into quite a few of these through my work and would like to see about using them in place of comparable atmel chips due to their greater speeds. I have quite a few of these so I'm not afraid to sacrifice several of them to testing if need be.


I also experience the problem "error in hex file:missing colon"!

The reading seems to be find, I use the PIC in c sharp program from the second post. Any ideas how to solve it are appreciated!


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