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aroma of tacoma

Peter Davenport

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Hey, The next meeting is coming up on the 12th. If you want to come please RSVP(Private message or electrifiedpete@gmail.com) and I will get you directions!


Hey guys.. This looks like fun. I joined your facebook group. Looks like you're meeting this Saturday. I won't be able to make it to that meet, but man would I love to. :) Definitely next month.
Brian from Tacoma, WA
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aroma of tacoma

We've been tinkering with the sumobots for a few meetings but don't feel like you need a robot or an interest in robotics to come. Just be recognized by your peers as having nerd like qualities.There are always other Arduino projects going on as well. I'll be bringing a few Jee nodes to tinker with and show off the magic of the dirt cheap RF12!

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