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Hey there,
Just got into the world of Arduino and got my first UNO in the snail mail today.  Just wondering if anyone is out there around Knoxville, Tn.


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Greater Nashville area here, not exactly a "hop skip and a jump", but I fit in the criteria of your subject line



Take a look (and why not add yourself to it as well)



OK, i feel like an idiot.  How do i add myself to that map?

Also i'm very close to tennessee.  Tri cities area (bristol, kingsport, johnson city)


Add it to your maps then you can edit.
Then drag the blue marker (top left of the map screen) to your position.
By clicking on the icon then, you can change to the appropriate marker.

Lots of people have asked how to add themselves so don't think you're so stupid.



Memphis here...Been playing with mine for all of 3 weeks.  Just a wee bit out of your "easy travel" zone (I was actually hoping you were closer to me, haha), but I'm here all the same.

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