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You are not alone. I don't like videotaping myself either.


Well a while ago I was wondering about pushbuttons, one company sells them for $1.30 each, while I can buy a bulk of 1000 pcs for about $20. And there still must be a profit margin for the factory.

I was thinking, with price increases like that involved, I could make a good business too, even if I only increase price to about double of original price.

It is also interesting for people from UK/Europe, they can get parts from me very fast, not 2 or 3 weeks waiting for shipping from China.

For the 30 or so items I have now I just wrote a price list:

Some of the items are also listed on eBay, but I see some parts actually have low demand,
low page views, even never sold at all. It's adding up far too much for listing fees, except
parts with reasonable page views, or which actually sell.

It's OK I think to buy 1000pcs and re-sell at increased price, not everyone wants to buy 1000pcs bags, not everyone wants to store these bags.

So maybe, get a domain website, and put up a price list.
If it extends to 100s of different parts, you can think about a full-scale webshop,
or eBay shop (they take 10% fee but also buyers will arrive from their search).
I also have PIC related web domain.

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