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Ah. M&S shopper. Must have had them a while, they dropped that brand in 2000.


where are you both?
please help me with the code


Did you not read what I said?

Let me repeat it. Until you find a way of working out what the code is doing, there is absolutely nothing we can do to help.


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What have you done to help yourself since your last post?

Here's the seed of a useful technique.
It isn't complete, but the thought's there.
Code: [Select]
#define DEBUG

#ifdef DEBUG
  #define DEBUGPRINT(x) Serial.print(x)
  #define DEBUGPRINTLN(x) Serial.println(x)
  #define DEBUGPRINT(x)
  #define DEBUGPRINTLN(x)

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i have tried My best knowledge to solve this issue but i am unable to do
i have tried to check gps with LCD and its  working
i have tried the car with timings to go forward left and right and so

but when i combine the code into one controller it does nothing... why?

kindly do review the code of GPS navigation i think it has the problem

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