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[size=16]Play_Space a day to create, play and visit virtual Worlds.[/size]

Saturday 4th December 2010 - @ The Contact Theater Manchester 11:30 to 23:00.

It's FREE but you need to register at:- http://playspace.eventbrite.com
Also see the link for a full list of activities.

There will be a display of seven exhibits / projects in the foyer, most of which contain an Arduino, from members of Manchester's MadLab group.

Three of them will be mine:- Sneak Thief (which has a new box for the occasion), Chaotic Pendulum (as seen at this years Maker Fair) and a "Break beat playing IR LED harp"

I will also be providing the provocation for one of the unconference sessions.

So if you are in Manchester that day do pop in and see it even if you don't formally attend the sessions.


So if you missed it here is a page about it with a video. Plus an old man pretending to be me.  :-/


Its Karma Mike, you mention 'old' and all of a sudden you're missing the content of your posts out ;)


You can't be old Mike, your glasses aren't on a chain ;)


your glasses aren't on a chain

Mine are, and I'm not as old as Mike.  :-[

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