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Hello Everyone,
It is good to see that there are allready so many reactions to my initiative!
My personal experience with hard and software development,  over 25 years of typing and soldering  8-), covers many areas. The idear behind this workshop is that I would like to  share my experience and knowledge with newbies, and the more experienced amongst us. and offcourse I'm interested what people do with Ardouno's!
So for the first workshop I have the following topics in mind:
  • Interfacing a I2C port expander.
    Using the wire library we will connect an PCF8574 8 bit port expander with this chip you can control led's, relays, read switches etc. The I2C family has many members, a/d, i/o, realtime clocks and audio controllers.
  • Adding a 33Kb Static RAM chip to the arduino using the SPI bus.
  • Soldering... an art that everyone should master.
    I provide enough soldering stations and plyers for everyone.
  • Question & Answer session
    during this session anything can come up, do you have questions, or is there something you like to show? Feel free to Join!

Location: The workshop will be held at at the following adres: Westeinde 45, 2512 GT, The Hague. The location I use has can hold 15 people, we have a beamer, a couple of pc's, bringing your own laptop will be apriciated.
The date will be set later, feel free to suggest a date somewhere in Januari 2011.
Marko Hiero


I want to, but you have ignored questions about costs.
what do we bring, and what do we pay ?
(except laptop, that was noted before..)


I geuss I'm more interested in a generic get-together than a workshop.
And since its in the hague, I won't be attending (not worth the time spent in public transport to get there, imo).

So while I voted "yes, if I can meet other arduino users", that was more because the following option was missing: "no, I'd rather just meet other arduino users".
Please don't see this post as one that discourages the workshop, but worth mentioning to see if the interest for a simple "hang out and sink some pints" type of get-together might yield more interest.

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