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Yanks.....   Smiley

Sticking Wirral in Google pretty much isolates it......

I did that. I just thought that an initial post asking if people were interested would include that.

It's not unlike people asking a question about some gadget they are trying to interface with, and expecting us to go dig out the missing information, when the OP knows it.


Yeah, I probably would.  I'm Wigan based.

Depends on cost really, I'm an NHS administrator so expect to be culled any moment by our glorious new leader  :(


Costs would be minimal, the new unit is 500sq feet(not huge, but I only use half at the mo)

Suppose I'd better work that stuff out ;)


I live in Warrington and can get to the Wirral easily. I am very interested in learning more about Arduino in a workshop environment and in meeting other users.
Please let me know if anything is arranged.
If any assistance is required to set up I might be able to help in some small way.


I would be very interested!!! I'm only 20 mins away. Is there any more info?

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