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Upgrade your creativity !

This winter, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] launches a new season of courses and workshops where artists, students, professionals and others enthusiasts are invited to develop new creative skills while learning about various cutting-edge tools and methods.

The season's diversified course offering will allow artists to gain new abilities and experiences by giving them access to knowledge and resources on a broad array of subjects linked to the fields of visual arts, audio production and digital interactivity. The courses are given by renowned practitioners, professionals and university teachers. Among these are: Mouna Andraos (Interactive Art and Microcontrollers - Arduino), Jan Pienkowski (Introduction to DJing), Joseph Lefèvre (VJing - Theory and Mixing Techniques), Mike Wozniewski (Mixed Reality, Art and Mobility) and Alexandre Quessy (Interactive Visual Programming -Processing).

It's time to create!

For more details, you can visit http://www.sat.qc.ca/post.php?lang=en&id=7&post_id=2094

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