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Hi, maybe stupid questions, but how i can load my script from arduino mega 256. I make a program compile and record to arduino. But delete from PC and i need this script load from Arduino back to PC. Is it possible ???

THX and sorry for my english


No - it is not possible; at best, you could only get the hex code (ie, the compiled machine code)...
I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


:S this is a litle problem
But THX and have a nice day :)


If you're on a PC then you may be able to find a deleted sketch file in the wastebasket. If it isn't there, it may still be possible to recover part/all of it from the disk using undelete/data recovery software, but that will take money (and the longer you leave it before doing the recovery, the greater the risk that the parts of the disk storing your deleted sketch will be overwritten).

If it's a simple sketch, your best bet may be to write it again. It's a common theme in software engineering that the second implementation is usually better than the first. Get into the habit of using a backup for anything valuable, even if it is as simple as installing File Hamster.


The disk meantime died (system HDD Raptor 74GB, 10 000rpm). A year ago I was doing a school project mobile-robot and now I want to  edit  some functions. So I will start again . Let the force be with me :D


The disk meantime died

Depending how it died, some recovery may still be possible if you have enough IT experience available. But unless the sketch is terribly complicated, you will probably find it is easier just to write it again.

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