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Been looking for users group or workshop in my area, without
much luck.
If I can't find one maybe I'll start one.
So anybody in the San Jose/Bay Area interested in starting a group or
if you know of any please let me know.


There are arduino classes at Techshop (menlo park), and I think there is some presence at Hacker Dojo (Sunnyvale), though neither is specifically Arduino focused...


Thanks westfw.
Techshop looks cool but it's a bit of a drive, although they're planning
a shop in San Jose it won't be ready till the fall.

Haker Dojo charges a $100/month.  :-[

I can't believe there is not a workshop in San Jose, I mean San Jose State is right down the street, there's gotta be some geeks there doing arduino stuff.--i mean geeks as a compliment, in case anyone's wondering.

Well I guess I could try and start a group, but I'm kinda a beginner at this, wouldn't know where to start.


the SJSU kids are probably all busy in school using PICs or something..

Noisebridge might have something if you're willing to head all the way up to SF..

i also know a few people at UC Santa Cruz you may be able to convince to teach you a few things.. no formal workshops though..


I just posted an announcement of my weekend workshop in Berkeley.

bob a

No presence in the heart of Silicon Valley - wtf? I'm more or less from San Jo' but don't have a lot of experience myself - if something forms I'd participate.


Haker Dojo charges a $100/month.

As does TechShop (approximately), for "membership."  Which is not the same thing as requiring that you be a member in order to attend a workshop that might be presented there.  (not that it means there ARE any such workshops :-( )

I dunno.  Designing a "workshop" is HARD.  Especially given the wide range of user expertise that such a workshop is likely to have show up...



I'd be interested in a workshop as well, also can I get the details for the one in Berkley



I'm near San Jose. Let me know if you start something up.

I'm a decent programmer, but sketchy on the electronics.



I'm pretty good on the hardware side so this might just be a good match.  I would up in Hayward but know of a few places half way if you want to sync up or set something up.  



Anyone had a get together arranged in the south bay, Im interested in getting together with other people that want to tinker around and will go as far to say Im ready to put together a regular South Bay Area user group if enough people were interested, as in 1 more person than me. ;D

I can host in the Los Gatos mountains (IE, small evil lair and deck of doom overlooking silicon valley) or can arrange a more centralized and larger meeting space near saratoga and stevens creek in San Jose.

Also if your in the area and into PCB making and experimenting see my other post http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1284666932
along similar lines.



Yeah, I'm in south bay/peninsula area.

Not into PCB yet, but am planning to in the near future.

I know of someone else who I've done some arduino stuff with that might be interested as well.

Los Gatos or San Jose is not a problem.


BTW, I noticed this group/company is based in San Jose.


There's at least one forum member from this group.


I'm interested! ..
When something is quadrupeds, let me know please.
Thank you.


Im prepping for scheduling a get together in the next 2-3 weeks for the south bay/san jose/los gatos area ( all bay area welcome ) but I need to get some feedback and consensus on when the best time to host would be (evenings or weekends).

If you have an opinion on scheduling or want to be kept in the loop on times and dates ( it will also be posted here ) drop a PM or visit my contact page at http://www.musheen.com/send-feedback

I would also like to get a rough idea of how many people are willing to attend so I can decide whether to host in my home or a larger space I have available, so if you haven't already posted interest in this thread and are lurking, please drop a line or add a reply.


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