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Peter Davenport

I am wondering is there are any Arduino users in the Tacoma Washington area who would be interested in starting a Arduino/robotics club. I am just trying to feel out the interest in this type of stuff in Tacoma.

-Peter Davenport
P.S. hope that this is the correct area to post this.


I live in Seattle and would be very interested.
There is already a "Seattle robotics society" or something but their website doesn't look very attractive. I don't know anything about the program itself.


I'm in the area, too. I'd be interested.


I live in arlington and I would be interested also. I think the Seattle robotics society (the people who made robothon i think) deals with robotics but not directly with arduino. an arduino group in washington would be cool.

Peter Davenport

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Yes, the Seattle robotics society put together Robothon. I attended one of their meetings and wasn't impressed, they dragged on for a hour before the actual presentation which was about reprap discussing their policies!

I think arduino club like this should just be a small thing where a few people get together at a coffee shop in each city and discuss their projects. We could also host workshops and other special events.

Our only problem is that so far we have people in Seattle, Arlington, and Tacoma, that is an hour to three hour drive apart. A long drive was one of the reasons I didn't just attend the Seattle Robotics Society.

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