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aroma of tacoma

This week I'll be handing over the password to www.boredhacker.blogspot.com to anyone in the Tacoma area with an ongoing Arduino project. Ideally we can post some pics and status on what myself, Leo-pan, Jeffonfire and Mr B have on their work benches and share whatever resources/advice we have access to.

Thanks for showing up this morning guys!


I like your blogs!
Very nice meeting all of you at the Cutters Point Coffee!
Wish we all work together to attract more people.
Rob, are you offering any workshops?


most definitely.  I would love to join a more local club.  would love to see what others are up to around T-town.  Hit me back.  Being an electrician, I have a grasp on the inputs and outputs.  Its the code I'm struggling with.  Hope to hear from you guys.  That'd be killer.


Peter Davenport

TacomaSparky, we wold love to have you! We are having a meeting this weekend. http://tacomarobotics.org/index.php?id=events
Throw me a message or email and I will send you our location details. ;)

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