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Kenneth Miller

Anyone interested?

My company, Erdos-Miller, would be more than happy to set these up.




Yes, I am interested. Please post the registration details.
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Would very much be interested. As a matter of fact I made this account to post this. Well I would have had to make one eventually any ways.


Seems like there hasn't been much action here.  I am in the Houston area and would love the chance to meet up and learn from one another.  I am not looking for a organized group that requires monetary compensation for their time.  So, if you want to possibly meet up and bounce ideas off one another let me know.


Dennis Franz

Please let me know if any group or hell, over dinner kind of get together comes into an event

I am a COMPLETE Arduino noob and was researching kits/boards/projects and want/need to talk to Arduino capable minds.


I am located in Houston, and am working on many projects that require some arduino assemblies, so I would love to know arduino engineers in Houston who may be interested in contract works. Houston Arduino-ers around?



Im located in Austin but wouldnt mind going to Houston for Arduino workshops...

Dennis Franz

Just to throw it out there, I am in Pearland.

Joe Fidler

Just starting out with Arduino - I am in the League City/Kemah area and would be interested in a workshop or just finding out more.



I'm in Cypress, depending on location I would be interested.



I just started win Arduino, I had experience with the 8051, but almost 20 years I been out of the micocontroller market:

I'm here in Katy also interested if in the future there is any workshop.


Yes! I am definitely interested in learning the software as well.


Hi there,

I'm in Missouri City. New to Arduino but hoping to make some interesting projects.
Let me know if you are interested.

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