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Author Topic: TellyMate examples now Arduino 1.0 compatible  (Read 706 times)
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I've just converted all my TellyMate examples to work with Arduino 1.0.
They're all available for download on the TellyMate Shield examples page.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to re-post a video of my favourite - a performance of the closing credits from 'Portal':

"Still Alive" will actually work just fine without a TellyMate (one line to comment out in the source), but you'll need to watch the output on the serial monitor rather than your TV screen :o) (I'm still hoping that someone will hook it up to something like a serial dasiywheel printer and video the result!)

Very few changes were actually required to move to Arduino 1.0; two main things:
  • Functionality has changed in Serial.print.
    Previously, calling Serial.print( my_byte ) would transmit the raw byte, but under Arduino 1.0, it converts it to a decimal string.
    The fix is to simply call Serial.write( my_byte ).

  • There's now a transmit buffer on Serial.
    This caused some timing issues when listening for responses from the TellyMate - very often I'd start listening before the command had even been sent!
    The solution is to simply call Serial.flush() before waiting for a response. That guarantees that all the TX buffer is sent.


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Thanks for your effort at keeping up with arduino IDE releases. I'm still enjoying my TellyMate shield purchased a couple of years ago. It's a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a simple analog video output device. SparkFun seems to still be stocking it:

Here is an image of driving a cheap 4.5" LCD display I found on E-bay:



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