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Hi I am a old guy from Toronto,too. Anyone still here?


Yet another "old guy" in Toronto looking for help with programing.  It would be great to grab a coffee and discuss projects and solutions.



I too am interested.. I work in downtown Toronto and live in Durham..


Count me in for the Waterloo area... Could make Toronto.



Hello, everyone. I live in Vauhan and work in downtown Toronto.

I have been enjoyed playing with Arduino for sometime and dropped by this forum occasionally to find answers for my own small projects and finally registered.

Nice to meet you all and happy new year!   :)


I am completely new to electronics and programing so I cannot offer any knowledge.

What I can offer is a place to meet for those in Toronto.

I live in the Bathurst and Dupont area and will swap home made cookies (don't worry, my wife makes them) and pizza for help getting a virtual USB keyboard running on my UNO.  I want to learn what is going on with the code rather than just cut and paste.  Mind you, a working code would be nice to have so that I can compare any modifications I make to a working one.

I am also willing to go to Waterloo as I have several customers there.

Post if you are interested in meeting then we can take it off line for details.

Another great source of parts and Arduino is Creatroninc at the south east corner of Spadina and College.  Do not let his website fool you, he has a very good supply of components, shields, and projects.  They are very helpful and offer very good customer service.

Paul H


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Again, a great place to meet in Toronto is the Site3 maker workshop. They have an open house on Thursdays between 7-10PM. Want to see the Laser CNC?
Oh, I almost forgot, there is also the HackLab! They have an open house on Tuesdays after 5:30. Want to see the Makerbot 3D printer?


I will be checking out HackLab this Tuesday night.



Hey Paul,

Site 3 is close to where you live, on bloor and ossington.
I ended out joining as a associate member, lots of space , lots of tools.

Id be interested in giving you a hand with your project, but ill have to do some research first ;)



Thank you for the offer Kym, I will gladly take you up on it.  
I intend on visiting Site3 as well.  Both are in walking distance.  

You will not need much research.  If you know any C then you are much further than I am.  There is progress, it is my lack of programing knowledge that is holding me back.

Fire me a PM and I can give you an idea of what I am trying to do.  Beers on me.



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I had a wonderful time at Hacklabs in Toronto.  Very helpful and enthusiastic group.  Lots of very interesting projects in various stages of completion.  They took time to hear what my project was about, what I was having difficulty with, and then jumped into show me what was needed.  I am looking forward to visiting again!

I had no idea there was such a great resource so close to where I live as well as so close to a huge variety of excellent food establishments.  

I will also drop in to site3 shortly to see what they have to offer.



Don't know if anyone noticed this slightly specialized workshop in Toronto in March:

Expand the potential of cinema art with Arduino  
Friday March 18th 6pm-10pm
Saturday March 19th 12pm-5pm
Sunday March 20th 12pm-5pm  

Cost Members $195 Non-members $225  Enrollment is limited to 8  

Explore the possibilities of Arduino, a versatile program for making interactive art. Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It's an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board. This three day intensive with LIFT Artist In Residence Enrico Mandirola will give you the knowledge and hands on training to bring Arduino into your cinema art practice.  LIFT will provide basic Arduino hardware and required materials. Please provide an outline of your proposed project to registration@lift.on.ca by Friday March 11th 2011.


There's also a small display of Arduino-based kinetic art on the ground floor of 401 Richmond right now.

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