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Christopher Singleton

Ah ha . . . at last darudude has helped to circle the converstation back around to the true topic at hand, "Arduino Interest in Toronto or Waterloo."

So what of it?

We have the three of us so far . . . I live in Cambridge.

Where do the two of you live and are you interested in meeting in a central spot at sometime in the near future?

I will see if through my nephew (a Conestoga EE student) or my wife (a Conestoga teacher) we can get something posted there to elict some possible interest.

Sounds like from what has been said here, there might not be too much interest in Arduino at UoW.


Well im on coop right now at St. Catharines. I go to the waterloo and the Toronto area quite a bit do got meet my friends. Either location would be fine with me. I will talk to a few more kids at Waterloo but I dont expect much attention there.

I am helping out redesign the high school curriculum at my old high school and have a meeting with a technology teachers on Wednesday. Hopefully I'll be able to spark an interest in them. I know one teacher who would be interested for sure, maybe 2. If the group hits off I know they won't have trouble attracting fellow high school technology teachers in the area.


Also in Waterloo, but VERY new to microcontrollers. (Just got my Arduino today... looking forward to some learnign tonight). After taking a few PLC and computer programming courses, I decided I'd like to do some more tinkering on my own. As long as people don't mind my near ignorance of electronics , I'd be game for a meet-up.

Where's a good local spot to pick up parts (i.e. sensors, servos, etc.)?


Mark Bramwell

I go to Waterloo also (CS grad student).  Lots of experience with microcontrollers.  Love the arduino, always interested in seeing what people are doing with them.

Christopher Singleton

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I think most of us still feel like newbie's on these things, but not to worry these things are fairly tolerant of minor wiring mistakes.

As to good sources for components, I don't know who you bought your Arduino from but I bet they might also sell various sensors, servos and shield adapter boards.

Locally the best place to get model airplane servos is Flight Craft hobby store on Victoria Street in Kitchener. Small no-name servos on the front counter are about $11.

Beyond that, KW Surplus has some switches and such, but nowhere near the variety that they had 15 years ago. They do have one bargain though, Velmen bulk packs of resistors, electrolytic capacitors, LED's and transistors. The first three packs are a very good bargain in the $15-25 range each you will be well supplied. Not sure about the pack of transistors (I think about $30), they look like a lot of 2N2222, 2N2229 . . . general purpose PNP and NPN transistors so they are all good for experimentation, but it looks like not much variety . . . for $6 you could get 6-10 pairs of the ones you will most likely need for basic experimentation.

If the bulk packs look a little big . . . try splitting the cost with someone else . . . that's one of the nice things about clubs or groups is the ability to share resources of all types.

For general components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, ICs, switches and such) there is Orion Electronics at 40 Lancaster Street, Kitchener who are not too bad . . . and beat the hell out of Radio Shack or the Source of whatever it is they call themselves these days.

I find Orion a little expensive and customer service is not their forte . . . however they are definitely better than Waterloo Electronics on Hartwood Ave in Waterloo. These guys are really just set up to handle commercial accounts . . . although they are glad to take your money as well and they do have some things that are hard to get elsewhere.

Locally my favourite is Sayal Electronics who are on Fountain Street in Cambridge (directly across the street from the Toyota plant). They have tons of stuff at reasonable prices. Customer service varies . . . if you get the young guy in his 20's things are good . . . if you get one of the older guys it is a little more hit and miss. But they have a good selection and reasonable prices.

Down in Mississauga there is an industrial plaza at 1350 Matheson Blvd. that has three electronic supply stores; Sayal, Active and ??? All in one building so it is a good place to go as well.

Now if you have made the pilgrimage as far as Mississauga you might as well carry on for the full Monte and find your way to downtown Toronto to Active Surplus Electronics at 345 Queen Street West. The place is a little hard to find . . . 2nd floor of a skinny orange building just a few doors away from the Silver Surfer comic book store.

Now here you have hit the jackpot of weird, wonderful and wacky technological wonders of all varieties . . . this is the kind of place that KW Surplus was 15 years ago!

Aside from that, here are a few links to some of my favourite web stores:

REALLY EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Check out the neat little oscilloscope on the TEST page of NKC; I have one and it works very well with small microcontrollers.



Canadian but prices are slightly higher . . . EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!



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