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Mark Bramwell

I was in Creatron about 2 years ago. I have checked their webpage and no mention of Arduino stuff.

How do their prices compare to http://www.hvwtech.com/ or other web sites?


Creatron's website is HORRIBLE it has about 1/10th of the stuff that they actually sell in the store. Their pricing is pretty reasonable, when you factor in shipping and everything they might be 5% more expensive than online shops. The reason I like it is they have everything that I need for all my projects. Plus its 20 minutes away from my house.


So we seem to have quite a bit of interest for a workshop going? Any ideas for a location? Hopefully some place where we could rent cheap or, even better, free! Or if anybody here has a big house, would they be willing to volunteer garage/basement space for the day?

Also, dont forget fundamental logic: http://store.fundamentallogic.com/ecom/

Local Arduino shop based out of Toronto. They're the makers of the iDuino


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I would be interested in an arduino group in Toronto

Christopher Singleton

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