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Well there really is no official way to do this. What everybody normally does is go to the engineering buildings and look for a free class room and just settle in. It is normally never an issue if we keep the place tidy when we leave. The custodians come and check up and clean the rooms but they are very polite and never cause any issues. In face they are always curious about what we are doing.

On the odd chance we do get told to leave, its always because there is a class coming in or somebody has booked the room. But in those scenarios we just pick up and move to another room where we continue what we were doing.

Ofcourse, there is a chance (though this has never happened to me), that all the rooms are busy. In this case I guess our meeting wouldn't go through. However the odds of that happening are super, super slim.

Christopher Singleton

I guess if we can't find an actual room we could at least try meeting in a corner of one of the commons or lunch rooms.

Okay . . . so for those still following along with this thread  . . . let's pick a date to meet at UoW.

I'll leave it up to darudude to specify the starting location.

I work during the day and I am not available on Wednesday evenings. Other than a little surgery on Thursday March 12th I am open to suggestions.

Monday or Tuesday night or Saturday or Sunday morning . . . any other suggestions?


A Saturday would be better for me as I am coming in from St. Catharines (I'm on coop).

The next Saturday I should have completely free would be the 21st, and I will be in waterloo that whole weekend.

I could squeeze in the 14th as well but it would have to be in the afternoon.

Christopher Singleton


How about 9 am Saturday March 21st?

Where do you want to meet at the university?

How about the rest of your Arduinians, is any one else in for a face-to-face meeting?


9AM!! That is super early lol

I was thinking about heading up to waterloo on the friday night to go meet a few friends of mine, so saturday works great. Mind if we start around 10:30 though?

There doesn't seem to be too many people interested though, eh?

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