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Christopher Singleton


10:30 works for me.

Where exactly do you want to meet at UoW? Hopefully, somewhere easy to find.

BTW - I will send a PM directly to Mark Bramwell, Vodka and nigel_mck inviting them to the meeting.


Thanks for letting me know, I am actually a student at UW, but since I would be graduating soon, that's why I enquire about Toronto meeting.  I would be back in Markham area starting this May

For the meeting, as Darudude said, people just usually find a free classroom to have meetings.  Alternatively, I can try to book a study room in the UW library (not sure how that works...never done it before)


actually thats a great idea! you can book study rooms for 3 hours blocks upto 1 week in advance. The biggest room you can book has space for 10 people.

I'll check if there is a spot the saturday before we are supposed to meet up


I checked online, and there is room available


did you check for the 21st? I can only check as far as the 15th

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