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opps...you are absolutely right, it only goes up to 15th

Christopher Singleton

Darudude and Vodka,

Please keep trying to book a specific room. If unsuccesful, please let me know where (building, room, common area, etc) where you want to meet up so that it's easy to find each other.

Christopher Singleton

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Even though it sounds like there might only be about 3 people out tomorrow for the meeting at the University of Waterloo, it would still be good to try to get a head count. So if anyone is planning on attending, please send a message confirming your intention. (csingleton@meikleautomation.com)

Darudude and Vodka, I have not had confirmation that you have been able to book a study room. If you have then please confirm ASAP . . . otherwise, I propose that we meet at the WEST entrance of the J.R. Coutts Engineering Lecture Hall at 10:30 am on Saturday morning.

I haven't a clue as to how to recognize anyone else, but to make it easy to recognize me . . . look for an old guy, wearing an old guys hat, carrying a small metal brief case . . . full of Arduinos.


I haven't book a room as I thought the meeting is next Saturday (21st).
Either day works for me.

Christopher Singleton


Oops you are correct the agreed upon date is March 21st.

Please try to book a room this week (I would but as a non-student) I don't have access.

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