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Mark Bramwell

guys, I work in another city and probably will not make it (4 hours of driving away).

But, I have been giving some advice to a research group at UW on how to redo a device used in a project that requires lots of sensor input. I suggested something like the Sanguino (they need at least 8 analog and lots of digital inputs).

I have other projects on my plate and will not be able to help them long term. Any students out there looking for a project? Could be some money in it. All projects go at a slow pace so do not think that this is going to happen tomorrow.  Expect it to occur during the summer at the earliest but most likely in September. It could make a great senior year project.

I am in my office at DC3125 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


@Mark: I would love to help out! I am going to be back at the university in the summer for my 3A term of Mechatronics Engineering. I was planning on applying to a research job this summer, so this sounds like a great opportunity.

Is there a way we can talk about this further? I've PM'd you my email address.


Also I booked a library room today.

@Vodka and CSingleton: I'll PM you the room numbers and times.



I am a new member to the forums, but also a UW student (in MTE). I have been browsing the forums lately because I am interested in purchasing an arduino.

Would you guys recommend anything other than the duemilanove? Also, know anywhere local (either here in waterloo, or even in toronto/mississauga) where i can pickup a board?


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Another MTE student! Which year are you in? You should show up to our workshop this weekend if you have the chance

As for local availability, there really isn't much. Fundemental Logic is based in Toronto. They are the maker of the iDuino and the DuinoStamp. They are pretty good bread board compatible Arduino boards. However, I don't think picking up is an option. I emailed them and enquired about the same thing and never got a reply.

As for the duemilanove, RobotShop is the only Canadian provider I am aware of. They are Quebec based however.

EDIT: A post on page 2 says Creatron Electronics in Toronto sells the board as well through their storefront, so you can go and pickup there.



Personally I would recommend the Arduino Duemilanove as your first board As the current defacto standard, you will find that it is perhaps the best known for many forum members, all the current shield boards will work with it and you will likely find it the easiest to work with. You could also consider the Seeeduino from NKC electronics, if you would like to save a couple of dollars and get a few nice features including:

?      the height of all the components are below the female headers
?      it has improved access to buttons & switches
?      it uses a Mini USB rather than the conventional Type-B USB port

As for availability (see thread replies #14-18 for suppliers), the only Canadian store front distributor that I have heard from is a place in Toronto called, Creatron Electronics. I never been there, but when I called they said that they carry the Duemilanove ($50) and the Blue Tooth version ($250) so they are very expensive.

Here are a few other web suppliers that I have personal experience with:

ONE OF MY TWO FAVOURITE SUPPLIERS WITH REALLY EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! When you visit the site, check out the neat little oscilloscope on the TEST page of NKC; I have one and it works very well with small microcontroller projects.


Canadian but prices are slightly higher . . . also with EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!

A few other web suppliers for whom I do not have any personal experience:





Fusive . . . you should try to attend our meeting at the University of Waterloo at 10:30 am on Saturday, March 28th.


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Thanks for the prompt replies, good to know that these forums are active.

Im in 2A right now darudude.

I think i'll get the duemilanove. I'd rather not get a clone right off the bat, as it seems that the duemilanove has a larger user base. In addition, added incentive to get this board is the new 328 chip.

With regards to that, I think i'll place my order with nkcelectronics or sparkfun as both these suppliers are carrying the new boards. Sparkfun quotes ~ $3 for standard shipping to canada. Any idea how much shipping from nkc will be.

Once i'm all settled in with the board, i'm planning on purchasing the sparkfun serial lcd. Is this http://www.nkcelectronics.com/16x2-lcd-module-while-characters-blue-backli162.html the same thing? or similar?. (its either this or a 7-seg display, and id rather a full fledged lcd) Any recommendations?

P.S - The meeting sounds great but I will be out of town that weekend.


FusiveResonance . . . or can I call you FR

My last order from NK was about $2 via USPS and took 10 days.

In general if you ship by standard USPS > Can Post expect 9-10 days.

If you have a couple of extra shekels in your pocket, order a Proto Shield Kit (Item#: ARD-0019) and Solderless Breadboard (Item#: PRO-0004) . . . although the breadboard is very small, it is quite handy.

The proto shield is a high quality board with a fair bit of specialized real-estate, that can be used without the breadboard for some fair sized projects. Since the Arduino uses some difficult to find headers, I would also recommend buying the shield kit, rather than the bare proto shield PCB.


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The LCD you linked to from NKC isn't a serial LCD. You would have to use the 4 wire or 8 wire LCD library to run it.

I have a serial LCD and the LCD you linked and they both work great. If you don't need the extra outputs the LCD you linked is fine.

BTW, enjoy 2A while it lasts (probably the easiest semester), 2B is brutal!


I'll get the parallel lcd and use the 4 wire library. Should be fine.

If anything, this http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/LCD3wires will be a good project for me to work on.


Hey guys, I am really interested in this group, but I live in downtown toronto and I dont have a car, so im sorta stuck. Does anyone have a suggestions on how I could get there?




One possibility is to take a Greyhound Bus (the train schedule didn't work out). There are buses leaving TO at 7 am and 8:30 arriving in Kitchener 9:20 and 10:15 am. The round trip student fair is about $29.

If you decide to take the bus, I will pick you up at the bus depot and then take you back in the afternoon.

There are a number of departures in the afternoon between 2:30-6-:30 arriving back in TO between 4:00-8:00 pm


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@Nigel: We should start a group in the Toronto area.
Anyone else interested?

@CSingleton and darudude: What will be the subject of discussion at this weekends meeting?


Good question Vodka!

At this point, we do not have an agreed upon agenda, however at this first rendezvous I had hoped to accomplish some of the following:

?      1st priority - Determine the level of interest amongst the attendees of starting an official Arduino interest group . . . discussing possible meeting location, frequency, etc.

?      2nd priority - Exchange contact information (name, phone, E-mail, city) which would make communication a little bit easier than always going through the forum

?      Perhaps have a little show and tell . . . if anyone happens to bring an Arduino project with them

?      Talk about what kinds of Arduino projects we have done or are working on

?      Talk about what kinds of projects are people hoping to do in the future?

?      Discuss a little bit about our backgrounds (electrical, mechanical, programming or other?)

?      Find out if there are areas where some of us would like to get help from others to solve a problem

?      Exchange Arduino resource information (favourite web sites, suppliers, gurus, etc.)

Although much of the above could be accomplished on-line, meeting at least occasionally, face-to-face is a better way to build relationships, establish credibility and flesh out the 2D print based persona of a web forum only based group.

If we can accomplish half of the above items, we will have done well.

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