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I like the Agenda, its fairly encompassing.

I think it would also help meet people in the area that would be interested in group projects.

I also would like to discuss the scope of the group: just a show and tell? or something more encompassing - tool sharing, group projects, design contests, etv.


I won't be able to make it. Mainly because im only 15 and my parents are weary of me going to Waterloo by myself. If we could have the next meeting a little closer to TO that would be awesome. If possible could you guys discuss this in this weekends meeting.




I would be open to alternating sites, if there is one available in Toronto.

Christopher Singleton

I would also be willing to use an alternating location as it will help to draw people from a wider area.

If possible though it would be best if both sites were very close to the 401 to easily facilitate travel.

Example a Cambridge location (possibly my house which is 60 seconds off the hwy & 40 min from the airport) would make it easy for both TO and London people to attend.

A Mississauga location near Dixie or 427 if possible would help encourage Cambridge, KW, Guelph attendees . . . and perhaps one or two intrepid Londoners.


To those who received my earlier email. There was a typo. The room that is booked is room 608, not 604

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