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There was a mix up. The library is closed till 11 AM today. I am currently in RCH 207, till 11:00 AM. Then I will be in room 608 from in the library from 11:00 till 1:00

Christopher Singleton


Just curious, how did the meeting go?


Christopher Singleton

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Nigel and the gang et al,

Sorry to be so long in dashing off an update, but I have been on-site doing a project install for most of the week.

Three of us met on Saturday morning (Darudude, myself and a Marianne (TBC) from UoW engineering) for about 90 minutes.

It gave us a chance to talk about Arduinos, how we came to be involved with them, some discussion about our current Arduino projects, some suggestions regarding Arduino sources and a small bit of show and tell.

Amongst this small group there appears to be a definite interest in forming a more organized Arduino Interest Group, although based on the current schedules for the other two participants, we will likely not be able to meet again until May.

There is a possibility that we could meet elsewhere although the UoW did work out fairly well.

How about you Toronto area folks, when are you getting together?

Surely, you are not going to let Waterloo become the centre of the Canadian Arduino universe are you?


I am so in for a Kitchener/Waterloo group, I am a software engineer and live downtown kitchener, please let me know the next time people want to meet arround here ;D

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