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I'm a UWaterloo student interested in meeting up too, this summer.


UW arch student, living in Cambridge. I would really like to get involved in some sort of an Arduino club. I have a few projects in mind that I plan to work on. Contact me if you're arranging anything in the near-ish future.

Christopher Singleton

[Although I had originally sent this to Elizabeth as a private message, I have since figured out that it would be best to post the message on the open board as it might just help flush a few more Cambrridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph or Brantford Arduionites out of the woodwork.]


Although, I have been playing around with Arduinos off and on for the past year . . . I am still a relative new Arduinoite as well. My background includes a fair bit of electronic hobby work, so the hardware end is easier for me than the programming end.

Having said that, a year ago I was trying to get an Arduino Interest Group started in this area; however the two or three other people that were interested were UoW coop students who were about to go out on their work terms so things never got off the ground beyond a couple of 1/2 hour introductory meetings.

I might be willing to meet with you and some of your class mates to talk about Arduinos and perhaps show some basic functionality. At this time, I work Monday-Thursday plus some Fridays; so my availability would either be weeknights, the weekend or possibly on a Friday.

As far as introductory books and tutorials I recommend:

Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi (one of the founding fathers of the Arduino)
The book can be ordered through Chapters or Amazon or from many of the internet based Arduino suppliers.

The other resource that I would highly recommend is:

The Complete Beginners Guide to the Arduino by Mike McRoberts
This is a free E-book that will lead you from flashing LED's and driving simple DC motors to creating simple sounds and monitoring basic sensors.


Hi everyone.
My name is Patrick, and I live in Ottawa.  I was born and Raised in Waterloo.  I work for two businesses:
electroniclessons.com and engineeringshock.com  If there are any grounds out there that are looking for anything specific, or perhaps a bulk order of arduino modules of any kind, we can get them.  Right now, we are uploading new ebay listings for arduino.  For buy-it-now parts, go to electroniclessons.com.  Units purchased from there will ship out from my home in Ottawa.  Inquiries about Bulk orders of ANYTHING can be done at engineeringshock.com.  We can supply awesome deals in bulk if there are groups out there that want to band together for a large order.  If we can help in any way, please let us know.  We are a hobby and engineering based group of people, and we are just starting up.  Some of our product/project videos can be found by searching "patrickikis" on youtube.
Thanks everyone!



Hi everyone!
I am looking for somebody with an experience in programming
Arduino   RB-Ard products for the robot's prototype.
Do you have anybody in mind?

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