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Looking for workshops or groups in LA on the westside preferably.


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I'm new to the arduino. I'm located down town la and would like to meet up with people to hang out with and make stuff. I can host a meeting. contact me if interested.


I am located in Orange County, but I would also be interested in a group kind of thing. Pretty new to arduino and would like to find others into it as well.



Nice to meet all of you !!!
Let's gather - Los Angeles ! and contribute this workshops !
I'm Ann - 20 years old
Have a nice day
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I'm down for meeting up when and where would everyone like to meet up?



I could come down to Long Beach. I will be in Cleveland all next week, to how about the following week? Maybe the evening of the 26th?


Hello, I am also new to Arduino and would like to meet up with other Arduino users. I am in Pasadena.


I notice that the 26th was mentioned as a possible meet date. Is that still the plan ? I would be OK with that date. If people wanted to come to Pasadena I can offer a large-ish workshop space ....


also from pasadena. long beach or pasadena is no problem for me.


wow is this going to happen on the 26th, just ran across this and am interested.



I'm in downtown LA and would like to get together and learn a bit more about Arduino.  Did this meeting happen already?


This meeting never happened.  We should try again to get people together....!


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