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I am near Culver City. And can go almost anywhere.


I'm a new arduino user and would love to attend a workshop.  I'm also in LA.  


Count me in too! I am in Orange County as well and I need to find some people who are as excited about this stuff as I am.


I'm in Riverside, CA and currently building a TriCopter flying Remote controled and eventually autonomous helicopter utilizing the Arduino Mini Pro 328 plus Gyro's from a Nintendo Wii and Accelerometers from a Nintendo Nunchuck, plus Sonar for height measurement.

I have friends in the Military UAV business and I'm just playing to see if I can match and beat their technology for 1/100th the cost.

Perhaps I'll end up with a military/law enforcement contract myself  ;)

I'd be interested in a meeting and learning/talking/showing how things work.

Anyone have any projects for a show and tell yet?



I am new to this forum. I have been watching the makemagazine youtube and the arduino projects that they make and I a interested in making stuff work with it. I was going to buy one a while back but never did. A friend of mine gave me an Arduino Uno today and I have already come up with some ideas.

I would be interested in a workshop or meet up so I can learn what I can do with the Uno. I am tempted to get the LOLSheild or the Bluetooth module to play with an Iphone or something.

Live in Orange County.


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