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Hello Arduino community

I'm new to this site and Arduino. It seems like this discussion board is quite active and, as the name suggests, collaborative!  I am looking for someone to help me construct a device, that is similar to this mentioned on Electrojoystick. http://www.electrojoystick.com/tutorial/?page_id=189

I need to have this product ready relatively quickly.  Please email me (jasminejyyeung@gmail.com) for more details of the device and discussion of pay.  Look forward to your response, thanks!



I need to have this product ready relatively quickly.

Perhaps you could define "relatively quickly". The end of this week is one thing. The end of next month is something else.

Something about where you are located, too, would be useful.
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Hi PaulS, Sure. I would like this product in early March, the earlier the better. How long do you think this will take?
I'm located in Hong Kong, but am on email most of the time and we can communicate via Skype.


The biggest hurdle will be acquiring a printer to test with. The one I looked at was $350. I'm not willing to fork over that kind of money without some guarantee of reimbursement. Then, there is the matter of shipping the completed unit to you.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


You just need an RS232 adapter for a board?
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Let me understand what you are trying to do...  You want to use a thermal printer using USB port, using the Arduino in between from the USB <-- computer to Arduiuno and to thermal printer... Correct ? 

If correct... I will do this : USB to Arduino ( RX / TX pin ) , re-transmitted the data via soft serial into the RS232 board , connected to the thermal printer. The Arduino code is simply a re-transmitting code, and the PC side will take care of the printer set up and sending data to be print.

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