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as i posted long time ago here:

here you've got the 'forbidden copy' that gives an xbee series 1 the power to mesh

let's hack it!


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1) i extracted the files in the zip you've posted my question is

where exactly do i have to put them in the Digi folder?

there is a folder named: update , where are similar files..

2) and after i put them in the right folder the Zigbee capabilities are going to be available in the X-CTU software?


1- first step, excuse me for my mistake uploading the wrong file  :smiley-roll:
2- download the file attached to this comment: xbee_v8x13_firmwarehack.zip
3- download the XCTU ver from http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3352&osvid=57&type=cabling
4- install it ,but answer No when it ask you to look for new updates
5- open xctu, go to Modem configuration
6- select your device in Modem: XB24 for normal series1 XBP24 for pro
7- notice that you have only the standard Function Set to choose (for the time being...  ]:))
8- press Download new versions... and a new window will appear
9- press File... and select the new and right file uploaded here, then Ok, then Done
A- select your device in Modem: XB24 for normal series1 XBP24 for pro
B- now you have 4 more Function Set to choose, from 8013 to 8313  ]:D ]:D ]:D ]:D
C- remember it's just a official beta version without support and hard to get: http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=2182#Version 8.x.1.3


hey again yorx.. thanks for the quick replies.. :)

ok i followed your process

but when i press Write i get

"Getting modem type....OK
Programming modem...Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters...Failed"

my xbee is XB24 and firmware version: 1084

have you achieved to write it to your xbee?? :smiley-roll:

Thanks again mate!


in order to know if it's a problem of your module try to restore and write your actual version with different parameters
you can try also to follow the process with the first file i posted: xbee_v1094.zip
it just agree more modem files to your pc so there's no problem
i'll try to find some module to try but it will maybe take me some time :.
post your results please


my module its ok.. i have downloaded X-CTU

and selected the correct version(1084) and it works fine, i can write or restore parameters fine  :smiley-roll:

with version X-CTU i cannot speak to my module beacuse version 1084 is not offered.

if i update X-CTU with both .zip files you attached recently i can see the Zigbee capabilities available in Function Set

but if i chose one of these option the version is different(8013,8113,8313,8213) and again i get the same error message:

Getting modem type....OK
Programming modem...Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters...Failed 



ta the end i've found a working XB24 sooner than i thought, but there aren't good news  :smiley-eek-blue:
i've tried checking three differen XCTU versions, checking the Enable API and Always Update Firmware and doesn't work!  :smiley-eek:  :smiley-sad-blue:
googling about the version i've found the same info i founded 3 years ago
a web with files from a guy named Faludi that achieved it long time ago (when the beta version was released)
here it is: http://www.faludi.com/itp/XBee_ZigBee_Beta/
good luck mate, i'll tell you if i get it


Ufff i guess i am officialy stacked  :~

ok bro thanks for the try..i will contact you if i find something..

see ya..



I was able to connect to connect to my xbee usb module by using X-CTU..
Then I have made a change of the XB24 model and use the the function XBEE 803.15.4 RS232 Power harvester.
Now I can not connect to the modem… any idee or settings I should use . change to get access with X-CTU again ?

Txs in advance, yann

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