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Hello All,

i am trying to control a YAMPP III Industrial MP3 PLayer via Serial Output from Pins 0 and 1... it doesnt work.

i wired the TX Pin of the Arduino (USB) to the RX of the player via a potential divider circuit using 3 10k resistors, like its described in the manual.

when i power everything up, all seems fine, the player boots up.

but it just doesnt get the serial messages from the arduino. in the manual the command for playing song 1 is 0x01. how can i send this data to the player? serial.print(1, HEX) doesnt help...

has anyone here experience with serial communication with other devices?



Have you tried serial.print(1, BYTE)?  Using "HEX" will send the ASCII digits of the number, e.g. '1' == 49, while the mp3 player might expect the byte 1.


hey mellis, yes, i tried serial.print(1, BYTE)... it does not help...

but thank you!

what does 0x before a HEX value mean, anyway?



Hey Mellis, just so you know:

Serial.print (Value, BYTE); is the correct way to go... the problem was that the YAMPP player was set to another baud rate (2400 instead of 19200) since i bought it second-hand from a PICAXE user... and the PIC supports only 2400...

now it works.

if anyone is interested in how to connect a YAMPP, an EasyRadio Module and an ARDUINO Board,


Cheers, Jens

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