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Hey- just am starting to get involved in open source motion control and time lapse (I am not a big video guy so i will mostly do Time Lapse stuff)
I saw your project over on the OpenMoco forum- looks really good so far!! I am trying at the moment to create a very inexpensive (<$200) portable, pan/tilt timelaspe head (gotta do what you can when you are a high school student  :smiley-mr-green:). I noticed that you were based in Idaho- I live in southern Idaho so maybe we are not that far apart :)

Nice project!!


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the possibility to talk with the camera Firmware via USB or Remote would be great.
Im thinking about the IR port or the Wireless interface in some Brands.

Idea 1
It sould be possible to access the shutter, appartue or any-settings in some canon DSLRs with a modification of the Magic Lantern Firmware.
Its open source too.
mybeee this one:

Idea 2 is to put a USB-Sniffer between a Camera and A computer with tethered Software like Lightroom and get the code.
Maybe its crypted with some Security algorytm like Timestamps to protect it from Manufactures for 3.Party products...

you can bring your slider to the next level If its possible .
Just some daydreamings...
I Dont know... lets see... lets try....


Hello Mitchrichi,
I am cinematographer..
I am using CAMTREE 8ft Encoder Motor E-Slider http://www.camtreerigs.com/index.php/motorized-camera-slider/camtree-8ft-encoder-motor-e-slider-with-manual-crank-level-feet.html.
I found it True portable slider at 1/3rd price of any other slider.
Images of this slider:

It is very Silent, smooth and versatile tracking. very easy to set up and give extraordinary results.
I am posting some more sliders here you can watch out http://www.camtreerigs.com/index.php/motorized-camera-slider/camtree-6ft-motorized-video-e-slider-with-manual-crank-level-feet.html

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